A better way to manage

A paradigm shift through a new approach to project management: Drheam®

Built over 30 years of testing and practice in innovation management and complex project management, Drheam-Institute offers a true answer to the managerial crisis with a new model for project management: Drheam®

A key principle – cooperation – and three fundamental levers:

  • Coordinence®: Instill cooperative thought within the team
  • Crew Dynamics: Breed cooperative behavior to succeed
  • Engineered cooperative processes: Manage stakeholder commitment to creating value

For business professionals and academics

A model for organizations and experts in change management

  • Management consultancies and in-house consulting departments of large corporations
  • Independent experts
  • Universities, business schools, conference bodies, think tanks

Drheam-Institute helps these professionals and organizations with training, certification and a set of physical and digital tools.

Drheam Monitoring System®

Your secure online project

A collaborative application tailored to the real time management of your projects: a powerful collaborative cloud-based software, easily accessible with a simple internet connection.