DRHEAM Monitoring System®

A collaborative application tailored to the real time management of your projects

A complete set of secure numerical tools, including powerful cloud-base collaborative software.

Very easy to use, the software is accessible with a simple internet connection

Web App.

  • Immediate network access, through intranet or internet of any internal or external contributor is facilitated by a simple and reactive licensing policy.
  • Realization and management of all the actions undertaken by the Drheam® Team.
  • Formalization and management of an adapted functional organization.


  • Roll-out of a decision-supporting framework, with personal accountability.
  • Absolute transparency and immediate communication between project contributors.
  • Permanent reporting at all levels, global or selective, through visually simple and structure indicators.

Reporting and capitalization

  • Automatic aggregate syntheses for instantaneous reporting to executive management.
  • Capitalization on processes, results and knowledge gained as the project progresses.
  • Considerable reduction of sent email between project contributors..


Drheam Monitoring System® software guides you through the implementation of the Drheam® Methodology in your projects

  • Drheam® Galaxie

    The Drheam® Galaxie is a representation of the components and contributors, internal and external, to the project. It is created following the Connect phase, and formalizes the project ecosystem within the Drheam Monitoring System®.

  • Drheam® Scan Book

    The Drheam® Scan Book allows for an analysis of the general situation, divergences and critical risks inherent to the project. The source data is obtained during the Scan phase, and are analysed and aggregated in the Drheam Monitoring System®.

  • Drheam® Team®

    The Drheam® Team is the crew on deck for the project. They operate within a collaborative workspace in the Drheam Monitoring System®.

  • Drheam® Master Plan

    The Drheam® Master Plan regroups the objectives, levers and results expected to guarantee the project’s success. It is completed during the Build sessions and integrated in the DRHEAM Monitoring System.

  • DMS®

    Drheam Monitoring System® provides dashboards and transparent and secure reporting tools to all the project contributors, facilitating management during the Run phase.

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