Model genesis and history

Drheam® was created following the practice of Jacques Civilise, working on the design of innovative vehicles for the Renault car company in the 1990’s.

1990 : Jacques Civilise

A project manager transforms innovation management

Jacques Civilise

Jacques Civilise has spent most of his career working for the Renault car company. In the late 1990’s, he becomes project manager for innovative new vehicles. These include the Vel Satis, the Espace IV and the Laguna II, the first with push-button keyless ignition and automatic tire-pressure monitoring systems. These experiences and his love of high performance sports (sailing, motorcycling, ski) inspire him to develop a new management model for collaborative projects, DRHEAM®.

The basic concepts behind the DRHEAM® model were laid down in the automobile industry of the late 90’s, within the Renault group. Jacques Civilise, then a project manager, observes great difficulties integrating innovation in the company’s projects. He finds more generally that research, development and marketing should be able to collaborate more closely on designing common solutions. He therefore decides to radically transform the approach towards management to make his teams work in a thoroughly cooperative manner, in service of value creation. Encouraged by an early success (generalization of the athermal windshield to the whole car range) , these new managerial methods are spread to all innovation projects of the company. Again, the method works and reaps a wealth of success (Laguna II, Mégane, Espace IV, Velsatis, …). Louis Schweitzer, then president of the company, asks to make it known that these successes rely as much on product innovation as managerial innovation. This endows Jacques Civilise’s expertise with great recognition among the experts in the field of innovation management (Christophe Midler – Management research center at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, Armand Hatchuel – Scientific Management center of the Ecole des Mines in Paris, Jean-Claude Bocquet – Industrial Engineering Laboratory of the Ecole Centrale in Paris, …)

2002 : ILM

A management model for complex projects

After many conferences on the subject of innovation management, Jacques Civilise is urged to create a model and spread its use: during a seminar with the executives of the Bouygues corporation, Martin Bouygues proposes to implement the method on the management of his own projects. Jacques Civilise thus decides to create a specialist consultancy to deal with innovation and complex project management, the Innovation Live Management (ILM). Hence, at the start of the new millennium, the DRHEAM® model emerges: Developing Human relations and enhanced application management. It was followed up by its operational implementations, DRHEAM TEAM®, DRHEAM MASTER PLAN®, and DRHEAM MONITORING SYSTEM® (the first version of the collaborative application which supports the model). ILM meets with much success, starting with Bougyues Immobilier: the implementation of DRHEAM® is directly accountable for a 15 to 20% reduction of the global cost of real estate projects in France. Thereafter, many more will profit from the model: Renault (hybrid vehicles, Laguna III steering system, injector of the future, …), DCNS (Vehicle-launching NG4 submarine “Le Terrible”), Rhodia (Profitable Innovation Growth Plan), LE DEFI (America’s Cup 2007), EDF, Michelin, Orange Business Services, etc…

2011 : DRHEAM Institute

An expertise for the spread of a new management model

While managing two complex projects for Orange Business Services, the executive team at France Télécom noticed a great interest and enthusiasm on behalf of its employees for the DRHEAM® model. The model’s implementation had recently saved several million Euros on these projects’ expected cost. The executives at France Télécom sought to root the values and managerial practice of the DRHEAM® model into the company culture. Spurred on by Orange Business Service, the DRHEAM® Institute now brings a ready solution to this need by concentrating on training and guiding structures to the successful realization of their projects. The objective is to initiate a change in paradigm through a novel approach to project management, a renewal of corporate collaborative practices and breeding a real commitment to value creation. The DRHEAM® success story is now led by Jacques Civilise’s son, Ronan, who intends to bring a recognized model to new heights, adapting it to the new needs of the constantly changing environment of project management.