The Drheam® Model

Drheam® offers a new management model, focused on developing human relations and creating value.

Drheam®: an iterative model based on 5 operational cycles

  • Dynamique Equipage®

  • Coordinence®

  • Ingénierie de processus coopératifs®

  • Connect

    Reveal and share the vision complexity of a project through a new representation of its ecosystem.

  • Scan

    Manage creative divergence

  • Team

    Encourage cooperative behavior for a strong team

  • Build

    Collectively define the model for the convergence process of the project

  • Run

    Promote a strong and lively cooperative behavior between team members throughout the project’s lifetime.

DRHEAM: An answer to the managerial crisis

A complex environment

Companies today face must face exponentially increasing project complexity. In answer to this, many have evolved to matrix-based project/function organizations. This leads however to increasingly more human and technological interfaces.
As a result, uncertainty grows within projects, and significantly decreases the reactivity of an organization and its capacity to manage projects efficiently by taking the right strategic decisions.

The managerial crisis

Managing urgency, permanent crisis, disconnected hierarchies, frustration and lack of purpose at work: all these symptoms underscore the current managerial crisis.
The vertical and matrix organizational models are not capable of dealing with the challenges of increasing complexity.

The appropriate answer

To manage this complexity, DRHEAM offers a new management model, , focused on developing human relations and creating value. The set of tools offered by the DRHEAM model provides a complete managerial process to manage complex projects.

Connecting theory and practice, DRHEAM draws on 30 years of analysis and operational practice.

DRHEAM was built over 30 years of practice in various industries, ranging from innovation management to high performance sports competitions.

Including value analysis and social dynamics, DRHEAM relies on a wealth of established fields of scientific research.