DRHEAM and Université Paris Dauphine join forces for the Safirlab seminar

The Paris-Dauphine university, in partnership with the Institut Français and Canal France International, organizes a two week seminar within the framework of the “SafirLab” program, from Monday the 24th of September to Friday, October 5th 2012.
This new program endeavors to create a sustainable relationship between young agents of change within the five countries of the Deauville partnership (Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Marocco, Tunisia), following the G8 summit in Deauville.

Lasting two weeks, the seminar is consists of 52 participants aged 25 on average, and having shined through civic activism, with a personal or professional program for the common good. (“Safir” means ambassador in Arab, Lab adds an experimental layer to the project)

As co-organizer to the seminar, Paris-Dauphine University has chosen the DRHEAM Method to host workshops during the two weeks. The goal is for each participant to leave with a an operational master plan laying out all milestones to guarantee the success of their project.