A model that has garnered the support of recognized industry leaders and academic experts worldwide.

Academic Testimonies

“Dear sir, I want you to know how much I was interested by your approach to corporate innovation. It seems your theories (and practice) should contribute to a major change in the set of ideas traditionally associated with R&D. It is an important economic issue if we keep in mind that, thanks to your contributions as well, competition through innovation is now an opportunity for a country such as ours, if not the only one.
As you may know, my research team is also set on studying the recurrent question of organizations favorable to innovation, and I have been struck by the convergence of our ideas. (…)”. Armand HATCHUEL, Professeur, Directeur Adjoint du Centre de Gestion Scientifique – Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Mines de Paris.

“I would like to thank you for the quality and energy of your various contributions to our thesis students, professors, staff, teachers and researchers from all over France during our PRIMECA seminar, as well as your classes to our final year students specializing in industrial engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Paris.
Know that every time, all the participants were captivated by the originality and performance displayed by the methods you have developed and implemented in the management of innovative projects.
I sincerely believe your interventions have significantly contributed to improving the performance of our engineers as well as that of the many colleagues who have had the pleasure of listening in (…)”.
Jean-Claude BOCQUET, Directeur du Laboratoire Génie Industriel, Responsable de l’option Génie Industriel – Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures.

“Innovation management is a field which has known, throughout the 90’s, major advances linked to an increase in product differentiation in competitive strategies on the one hand, and to the successful experimentation of new processes to bring significant innovation to the markets on the other. The example of the results brought about by your action is clearly evident and therefore decisive.
The advances in the field of management are only set to stone if a strong collaboration between academic and professional endeavors is maintained, so that emerging practice may quickly be transformed to communicable theories and spread widely. On this aspect as well, I would like to thank you for the wealth and rigor of your contributions which I have had the pleasure to experience on several occasions.
To approach this theme sufficiently, one must combine passion and insight, speed and rigor, attention to detail and strategic vision, individual and collective commitment. (…)”. Christophe MIDLER, Directeur de Recherche au CNRS – Centre de Recherche en Gestion – Ecole Polytechnique.

“Thank you very much for your contribution to the debates on innovation strategy hosted at the ESCP-EAP.
Your testimony greatly enriched the discussions. The listeners greatly appreciated the originality of your experience and your availability to answer the questions asked. (…)”. Delphine MANCEAU, Professeur permanent – European School of Management.

“ We would like to thank you warmly for your contribution to the international seminar Mastering and Measuring the Performance, undertaken in collaboration with Les Echos — Financial Times.
The participants unanimously appreciated your presentation and we look forward to hosting your contributions again in our seminars. (…)”. Daniel E.MICHEL, Directeur Scientifique du Programme – Hautes Etudes Commerciales – Institut Supérieur des Affaires HEC Management.

“We wish to thank you for the quality of your contribution during the congress on “Client Skills” at the Paris Congress Palace.
All the participants were very enthusiastic and appreciated your passion, competency and results in managing innovation to better service the client. (…)”. Pierre MORGAT, Directeur Marketing – ESSEC Management Education.

“The value and energy of your contribution has sparked great interest among the students. The educational quality of your testimony and expertise in managing innovation have been a great source of new and enriching thought. (…)”. Marc GIGET, Maître de la Chaire d’Economie de la Technologie et de l’Innovation, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.

“You have done us the honor of participating at the AIP-PRIMECA seminar. Your contribution was followed by 180 particpants: teachers and researchers from many universities and schools dealing with the fields of product design, mechanical engineering and industrial informatics.
Your speech sparked enthusiasm in all listeners. Proof of this is the fact questions had to be cut short to make room for a lunch break. As I have said before, your speech was a “big hit”.
What I particularly appreciated (and what took away from it) is your very pragmatic approach to organization in industry giants. You have revealed the fact that innovation is truly innovative only when it leads to concrete realizations. Restrictive procedures and static planning, rather than guiding and limiting delays in development, actually lead to the opposite by slowing work towards the goal of designing and producing an innovative product within a short time frame.
You have contributed to making our seminar a great success and, on behalf of all the organizers, I give you my sincere thanks. (…)”. Gabriel RIS, Professeur – Ecole Supérieure d’Informatique et Application de Lorraine – Organisateur du colloque AIP-PRIMECA.

Corporate Testimonies

“It is with great pleasure that we welcomed you to the Ile des Embiez for the Transversales 2. You brought much to these two days of creativity and have really contributed to the success of the second edition.
The results of our satisfaction survey are impressive: 84% of the participants were very satisfied with your presentation!
Thank you very much for having “taken the risk” of accepting our invitation to innovate with Rhodia. (…)”. Patrick MAESTRO, Conseiller Scientifique – Rhodia.

“Your participated in the first edition of the “Rhodia Forum – challenging boundaries” and we are very grateful.
On this occasion, we regrouped over 60 directors from the research and marketing departments of the largest of our clients at Rhodia. Your contribution during this forum, as well as those of other experts, has allowed us to propose quality round tables and thus start debates and discussions to provoke everyone’s thoughts.
The returns we have had on this operation are very positive, and this contributed to changing the vision our clients had of Rhodia. (…)”. Fabienn RAINON, Responsable Communication Externe – Rhodia.

“You accepted to contribute to our Club of EDF and Gaz de France project managers in Tours.
I would like to thank you warmly. The approach you developed to facilitate the realization of innovations has generated much thought and debate within the Club, as well as on the next morning, during exchanges between club members on your contribution. This was indeed the result we sought. (…)”. Thibaut BRAC de LA PERRIERE, Responsable du « Club de Tours » – Electricité de France – Gaz de France.

“Thank you for your presentation to the technical teams and project management at the SNECMA Villaroche, on the subject of innovation management.
Your presentation was truly appreciated by the participants for the novelty and efficacy of the approach you have developed and the experiences you disclosed. It sparked many questions among the project directors, particularly linked to the change in management culture it entails.
Please accept our gratitude for a very positive contribution. (…)”. Robert KERVISTIN, Conseiller Scientifique – Snecma Moteurs.

“I would like to congratulate you on your participation to our reunion in Andorra in January. With passion and professionalism, you naturally knew how to develop the themes at the heart of our problems: innovation, the core of our differentiation, and its implementation and management. For all this, I thank you. (…)”.
François-Xavier HANICOTTE, Directeur Général – GTIE.

“I wished to thank you in person for your contribution relating to innovation management within our research center in Ladoux.
My gratitude is not simple courtesy. Indeed, a little over a month has passed and not a day has gone by without words uttered in reference to yours.
For me, this is a great indicator of their quality and pertinence.
We all know that the issues at stake in training and seminars is to effectively impulse best practices into daily tasks. However, our best intentions often fail to meet the challenges on the ground.
As you are concerned, this has not been the case and we all agree on the path you suggested, concerning everything from human resource and partnership management to convergence processes and functional security.
This is living proof that your concept has successfully met with the rough reality in the field. (…)”. Jean-FOULQUIER, Responsable Liaison au sol et anti vibratoire – Michelin.

“I would like to thank you for the quality of our exchanges this morning, concerning our respective development strategies. I am sure we have many opportunities to collaborate and develop together. (…)”.
Christian GRELLIER, Directeur – Télévision Française 1.

“Thank you very much for your presentation to our executive management teams at the Bouygues Management Institute conference.
Your contribution has added to the success of our conference and was greatly appreciated by the participants. I think it will contribute efficiently to our objective of generalizing a permanent innovation process within our group. (…)”. Michel MAITRE, Directeur Général Ressources Humaines – Bouygues.

“On behalf of the top management at IFP, I wish to express the extent of our satisfaction at the excellence of the presentations you have given during this event on the theme of innovation, co-organized with Renault. A large audience and a an enriching debate proved the interest of the over 300 employees who took part in this event. (…)”. Edouard FREUND, Directeur Général Adjoint – Institut Français du Pétrole.

On behalf of the executives at IFP, and on my own behalf, I wished to thank you for your intervention during the Renault/IFP event. At a time when the IFP initiates a deep transformation of its innovation processes, there is no doubt that your presentation and your experience will be useful to us – as the satisfaction of the 300 employees present proves…Jean-Jacques LACOUR, Directeur de la Communication – Institut Français du Pétrole.

“On behalf of all participants at the Hager Group Symposium, I wish to thank you sincerely for your contribution. The innovative momentum sparked under your leadership strongly impressed us. The tools and methods you have designed and implemented seem to answer the recurring difficulties we meet in our own innovation process. (…)” Axel HAACK, General Manager, Marketing & Sales – HAGER TEHALIT.